Why I stopped watching GoT towards the rear of Season 5

The now immensely popular and widely recognized HBO Tv series “Game of Thrones” has had a huge impact on my thinking and way of perception since the time I had started watching it, which was October of 2013 as I last recall.

As a kid too, I had generally grown up being obsessed and grossly involved with one particular TV series or several at a time even,  being constantly updated with the latest gossip, news or episodes to stay in the know and be among the so-called “cool” lot..(essentially, howdefined coolness).  Towards the closing of my school days, my cousin sisters, along with my aunt and uncle, had come to stay with us for a short duration back when we had an apartment in the city of Noida.  They both had started watching a brand new tv series called “The game of thrones” which they watched late into the night while I used to lie around thinking of falling into a slumber, yet trying to stay alert and keep up with them, because after all I idolize them and had much to learn.

Much later, in the autumn of 2013, I found myself getting immensely bored and having nothing to do during the “Durga Puja” vacations that lasted an entire month. I hardly had company, I couldn’t even get in touch with any of my school friends because they were busy setting up a life elsewhere, so I decided to start watching something engrossing, after which “GoT” popped into my mind as my younger sis Krittika (Tiny) had been insisting that it was amazing and what not.  Little did I know that this program would have a huge impact on my way of looking at things in general.

I don’t know how to explain the connection and intense awe that I feel when I watch the show, be it the characters, the vast vast set up of scenes, the “epic-ness” of it’s feel, it was definitely something unlike what I had ever seen before. Moreover, it kept getting better with each passing episode and more engaging and engrossing than ever..

I started recommending it to every other person I met, some of who had actually started watching it too, like me. They also may form their own opinions, but personally a character that I found myself connecting with, was Arya Stark. Be it her general tomboyish nature, unwillingness to be “lady-like” or immense bravery and courage in the face of danger and threat, i found her awesome in every possible way.

So much so, that a college friend, who has also been watching the show with great interest, gifted me a portrait of the character on my birthday to be framed, which he drew on his own!! I was surprised and delighted at that…

However, if you talk about the progression of the show in general, many rumours had been floating around about what could or was going to happen, but I kept on watching it although so many good characters were butchered, murdered or simply turned evil..

Especially towards the close of season 5 due to pure hurt and disappointment, I just did not watch few of the episodes thinking that there was no good left on the show. This is because Arya was being turned evil by the annoying and pointless Jaqen H’gan while I am of the opinion that good must remain good. They CANNOT turn evil, on principle. She was being “punished” and what not for not serving the Faceless Men but I was unsure of what good was coming of it.

Well, season 6 has not particularly disappointed me so far, barring a few instances here and there, so i’m okay with watching it for the time being..