She wrote a poem.

She once wrote a poem

About the desires,

The aspirations

That occupied the recesses of her mind

When she was both conscious and unconscious

They came after her, lurking in her dreams

Telling her to chase them with all her might

For you can’t wait for tomorrow

While the present moment fleets past unseemingly..

© Devangana



Silent. (In response to Daily prompt)

They say silence is golden. 

It’s true, really. 

When you’re silent, people cannot really judge you or comment upon your choice of words and opinions. You are not allowing others to get into the cogwheels of your brain and dabble with it. You are just standing there, allowing yourself to be immersed in the speech and actions of others. In other words, being a silent observer of sorts.

Being silent in a conversation need not mean that you don’t know anything, rather, you choose to not participate unnecessarily. Because once you open that mouth of yours, people will go right at you, criticizing your point of view, or lack thereof. It’s better to choose not to say anything, in such a case.

At the end of the day, though, it’s your choice really, whether you choose to be a talkative individual or the one in the room who stands quietly, noticing each movement but not saying a word.

Daily Prompt: Capable

via Daily Prompt: Capable

“Capability”  defines our worth, how much and what we are able to achieve in life. To be capable of doing something simply means the ability to perform and complete a task successfully. How much one is capable of doing something depends mainly on skill and expertise, but also things such as age, in some cases gender and of course, circumstances. One may be otherwise capable of doing something, but due to the prevailing circumstances he/she is not able to. In that case, we would consider that person to be capable but unlucky.

Obviously, being capable is a good thing. The more capable one is, the better for his/her overall personal development and standing in society. However, this does not mean that a person incapable of performing something is completely worthless. Not everybody is perfectly able to complete every task bestowed upon them and one should be given appropriate time to learn and grow.

To be capable, we all need to be patient and keep honing our skills and be open to acquiring the ever-increasing pool of knowledge that the world has to offer. 🙂