Just contemplating.

Every now and then,

I do contemplate.

I sit and wonder

Go over all of it

Every little detail, aspect

Of my insignificant, yet significant

Little piece of life

A solitary being of no consequence

In this vast, vast universe

Am I actually just a grain of sand?

Or do I really possess the power to move a mountain?

Leaving my footprint etched for newer generations

To carry on the legacy of the old

Indeed, it is a strange, strange new world.


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Under water

I hold my breath

The flowing, meandering waves encompass my very being

A heaviness descends upon my being as I make my way through the depths of the ocean

Miles and miles of crystal clear reflections

I feel it hit my skin and make me feel alive once again.

Because before, i seemed to have lost my senses

In that depth, that abyss

Of the deep dark ocean.

© Devangana Bose

Who I am and why I’m here

I am Devangana, an Indian undergraduate student who just completed her bachelor’s degree in Science from a prestigious Indian college, St.Xavier’s, Kolkata.

I am 20 years of age, soon to be 21 and am kind of going through a semi-awkward phase where I’m not sure of what exactly I want to academically pursue and achieve in my field of study. I have been studying Microbiology honours, but am not exactly sure whether I would call myself passionate towards this field of study. I have been a decent student in the past, but honestly, I have been missing a sense of freedom and space to understand myself and analyze my thoughts and express myself in a way that I would have liked otherwise. Somehow the rigorous nature of the course that I have been studying in has taken away from me my personal space of creativity. That is perhaps what I wish to achieve by writing my own blog, re-acquaint myself with my creative, expressive side and stay closely in contact with the written word, because I love words, phrases, expressions and everything to do with it.

Of course I would like to indulge in discussion and intellectual activity to keep myself stimulated. Maybe also learn how to write humour…

Finally, I recently re-discovered the joy I feel on reading a good book, books in general. What would we do without them?