Elan Mudrow


There is a letter hiding

Inside this envelope.

Addressed in handwriting

As if etched….on

A print I recognize…..

Familiar marks I wished, at times, I never knew

Other times, I wished I had known better.

So are our lives…..represented

By this letter……

A relationship of a paper receptacle

With its four corners, glued folds

A flap that awaits closure

With many words waiting to be


You have added, perhaps

A final voice inside this letter.

An ending I search for

Mixed with the anxiety for the loss

Of the sound your words make.

And the question is

If I open this letter

Will reading it stir up all those summers

heated in our veins, or

Will its therapy send a cool breeze

To pacify all the seasons we have invested

In? ….Surely, the wind is unpredictable.

If the breeze picks up,

As it has done many times

I run…

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Princess chelsea!

Yulia, what do you see in him?
Yulia, what could you want from him?

You’re the same age as me
And there’s nothing that I can see
No unified theory
That will convince me

Yulia, what do you see in him?
Painting lions on the back of a cookie tin
Is is better to be different than to be better?
Yulia, how can you be with him?

You’re the same age as me
And there’s nothing that I can see
No unified theory
That will convince me

That you are happy

Drawing food and little booklets

Someone fantastic. As usual.

Matthew Midgley Illustration


03 - Trout smWordPress have featured my drawing in an article about food drawing bloggers!

“Have Your Cake and Draw it Too” – Food Illustrators Reflect on Taste and memory

I didn’t realise that it’d be landing in the real world so soon! Here’s my little contribution; basically an introduction to me and my drawing.

One of my primary motivations for drawing my food was documentation; usually when we go out for a meal it is to either to simply to have a lovely experience or to even celebrate, with friends and family.

When I look back at a foodie drawing – it often transports me back to that time and place; I am able to recall sights and sounds and smells at that location and better remember the whole experience.

Of course, the real trick is to not just draw a picture of the food, but to try to capture a…

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Why I’m choosing to study mass communication

Science is vast. Knowledge is vast. Once you start studying those elaborate concepts of the subjects in great detail, you realize just how much there is to fathom about nature and of the living world. Biology, physics and chemistry have taught me that there is more than meets the eye, that there is a fantastic world that lies beyond our mundane tasks of daily life.

However, it is one thing to read of such things purely out of curiosity and interest, and another to study them as preparation for an examination where you are competing with 20, 30 or even hundreds of other people trying to achieve the same goal as you.  That is when, I start to realize how a competitive nature is getting the better of my thoughts, stopping that childish, innocent and simple curiosity that was hitherto present. When that competition starts, you just tend to figure out a way to keep having an upper hand above other people, and not let things “just be the way they are”, thus destroying the peace of mind. Atleast, that has what has been true of me for quite some time.

I keep thinking often, actually most of the time, that is that what i am trying to achieve here? Just prove that i’m better than everybody else?

Or is it that I let things be the way that they are, suppress that competitiveness within me and move in a direction of calmness, beauty and spiritual well-being?

Yes, I understand that when it comes down to reality and living life in society, it is all about earning my daily bread and proving myself worthy of doing so, but there are umpteen ways of achieving that. I need not stick to one particular course of action all the the time, because life in general has to offer much more than that. In all my 21 years of life, I have learnt that you can never really predict what could be coming for you in the next moment, and hence all you can really do is live in the now. And if that means pursuing something that your heart is telling you to pursue, then so be it.

Moreover, when you believe in yourself and know that you can achieve something, it does happen if you just have the patience and perseverence to wait for the results. It’s true and I have seen it happen.

Thus, trying out a new field of study is rousing my interest and hope to achieve what I desire, or atleast taking me a step closer to it..

Mass communication and journalism will further allow me to understand and think more about the nature, behaviour and thoughts of people of the world, something which I was hitherto not able to focus upon because of the large amount of theoretical matter that I was having to study. I just feel that I need to further myself in the former direction, because it will make me happier and calmer. How can I not think and contemplate on the thoughts, feelings and actions of other people, those living around me?

So, it is quite justified that I move forward in this particular direction that I am speaking about..


Uncertainty looms large.

Where I go, what I see, what I think.

No matter what happens, there is that question.

“What next?”

Haunts me at night.

Lying awake with thoughts of an uncertain life ahead.

What to do, what to do…

….oh dear God, save me from myself.


Watching Marvel’s Jessica Jones

It’s really interesting and fortunate that I happened to fall upon watching this particular tv series, thanks to the suggestion of my close cousin sister. In many ways, I really feel like the show was made just for me. For me to watch, I mean.

Firstly, I happen to resemble Jessica’s character a lot. I myself feel like her..she’s so unique, feels the pain, dresses up like a super biker chic and even has a clear conscience, a heart of gold. Why I say this is because she cares for other people and their ultimate well being…even though she feels pretty screwed up within herself. What i’m trying to basically get at here is that she’s fantastic. A fantastic person…as a character and as a role model entirely. And i’m not kidding about it at all. I would actually consider myself to be a follower of hers and go so far as to say that i’m a little bit in love with her.

Jessica, you’re amazing. Peace.

Attending social gatherings

Let’s just say, that in today’s world, it is a part and parcel of our lives to be social, keep meeting people off and on, hang out.

It enriches the mind with new thoughts, fresh ideas about the way the world works and how others think, act outwardly. Without actually knowing people around you, it is hard to create an impression of the world outside your house, your four walls, and the place you take refuge in.

There is undoubtedly a lot to learn about others. You cannot just sit and think that nobody matters in your life, and that it is just you…you alone. It is not like that.

The idea is to take an interest, and basically get to know as much as you can before you say goodbye. The final goodbye, that is.

Inspiration from James Altucher and other writers

I am surprised to find so many articles and information about the art of writing and expression through WordPress.com. I never thought so many persons across the globe would share the same interest as me. Same pursuit. Moreover, they are quite successful in this venture, which gives me a good incentive to try it out for myself…!

I cannot deny for a second that reading a good article, anything articulately described or explained, sharing of an idea or experience makes me instantly happy and perked up. It surely goes to show that I am genuinely fond of reading, writing, words and expressions in their entirety.

Surely then, I think, I cannot let go of the habit of typing things out every so often and just letting out that wave of emotion..

Must read, way more. Must read.


‘Silicon Valley’ Masterfully Skewers Tech Culture

I have watched the first season of this show. I found it pretty darn engaging. A very well written and acted out tv program.


At The New Yorker, Andrew Marantz takes us behind-the-scenes at the HBO comedy “Silicon Valley,” revealing how its writers and creators are so good at accurately skewering the tech world:

The show’s signature gag, from the first season, was a minute-long montage of startup founders pledging to “make the world a better place through Paxos algorithms for consensus protocols,” or to “make the world a better place through canonical data models to communicate between endpoints.” This scene was set at TechCrunch Disrupt, a real event where founders take turns pitching their ideas, “American Idol”-style, to an auditorium full of investors. Before writing the episode, Judge and Berg spent a weekend at TechCrunch Disrupt, in San Francisco. “That’s the first thing you notice,” Judge said. “It’s capitalism shrouded in the fake hippie rhetoric of ‘We’re making the world a better place,’ because it’s uncool to just say ‘Hey, we’re crushing it…

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