It’s been raining incessantly since afternoon. Watching a Korean romantic drama film, I fell asleep on my bed, losing myself in an entirely different world. I don’t think I remember what it is that I saw, but it made me feel calm and peaceful. At the close of the day, towards the evening, I noticed the steady drops pouring down outside my window, accompanied by quick and sudden flashes of lightning. Within a matter of half an hour or so, darkness fell and I realized it was time to get up and go about some other tasks.

I still needed to finish watching the movie. I had reached about the mid point of the story, and was unaware of the turn that the tale was going to take. It started out as a happy couple meeting each other, marrying and facing marital obligations but then it took a turn that made it much more poignant and touching. Just before I restarted with the film, I was informed that my grandma was feeling unwell and unusually low. I saw that my parents had already gone downstairs to check on her, and I followed.

Went down, and sure enough, I saw her in her usual stooped stature, unable to find her way to the bathroom and constant complaints about legs shaking and aching. My mother was helping her in doing so, but that is when I realized yet again how helpless we are as laymen, not knowing a cure for such degenerative disorders. Moreover, a symptom of the disease Parkinson’s is severe depression, something which I notice every day in dida. Yet, there is hardly anything I can do, apart from occasionally spending time with her, cheering her up in whichever way possible. I have been thinking of restarting the habit of reading out fictional books to her at night and also solving the Crossword puzzle in the newspaper by reading out the clues to her, a hobby she practiced till just before losing her vision. Whatever it is, I must find a way to justify this terrible act of the Almighty upon the life of such a good-hearted and jovial person…