What is the deal, really?

So, my thoughts for the week rest upon some basic facts. We go about our daily tasks, see things, know things, learn things.. but do we ponder upon whether our actions are justifiably so? Why do we do what we do?

From where does the speech come from…what we say, act upon and react upon. What makes us say all those things and why do we think so differently from one another..these may seem like trivial things but actually are what constitute our day to day experiences.

I often think about whether everything is fated to be in a certain manner or it is just a collection of random instances. If you fail at something then is it only because even though you put in a great amount of effort, you didn’t do enough..or is it just not meant to be..? Sometimes you really can’t make things work for you in the way that you wish, no matter how much you try for it. If it’s not supposed to happen, it won’t.

Me trying my level best to achieve something will all go to waste if at the end I see that it’s not working out. That is when one feels the most disappointed.

Then there are those heavy things that you really need to accept in life…bitter and unpleasant conditions and situations that you just can’t ignore, because they exist. They ARE your reality.

The catch is to move on, be positive and accept it all, because that is how God wills it to be.