Daily Prompt: Capable

via Daily Prompt: Capable

“Capability”  defines our worth, how much and what we are able to achieve in life. To be capable of doing something simply means the ability to perform and complete a task successfully. How much one is capable of doing something depends mainly on skill and expertise, but also things such as age, in some cases gender and of course, circumstances. One may be otherwise capable of doing something, but due to the prevailing circumstances he/she is not able to. In that case, we would consider that person to be capable but unlucky.

Obviously, being capable is a good thing. The more capable one is, the better for his/her overall personal development and standing in society. However, this does not mean that a person incapable of performing something is completely worthless. Not everybody is perfectly able to complete every task bestowed upon them and one should be given appropriate time to learn and grow.

To be capable, we all need to be patient and keep honing our skills and be open to acquiring the ever-increasing pool of knowledge that the world has to offer. 🙂


Kayaking at Eco Park

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to witness a slightly windy, but perfectly sunny day to go out for an outing with friends. Having nothing to do after the semester exams ended last week, I suggested that we pay a visit to Ecological, otherwise known as ‘Eco’ park situated in Rajarhat on the outskirts of Kolkata. It is hardly a  40 minutes distance from my home and moreover my friend has his own car so it would be no big deal for him to pick me up. With Sumit and me joined another school friend of his, Akash who studies in Chennai but visits Kolkata, his hometown every new year.

So, at around 2 in the afternoon I was picked up from my place and then with Akash in the backseat we drove straight to Eco Park for an enlightening afternoon.

It is quite a picturesque location, with green grass and long sidewalks all along and was pretty decently occupied with holiday-makers and even a large group of schoolchildren. However, after paying 20 rupee fee we walked in and started making our way to where the rides and activities were going on.

There is a large water-body to be found at one side of Eco Park on which you will most likely find large floating Zorb-balls, transparent balloons into which one could fit oneself and jump around in the water as a form of recreation and excercise. 017020

We, the three of us, initially decided to try out Archery, a non-water sport but one which requires great skill nonetheless. Each of us could target the board a total of 5 times each and so after buying the ticket worth 50 bucks, we took turns to shoot at the aim.

Although none of us shot successfully at the bull’s eye, I got pretty close to one of the centre rings at my third shot.


After those 5 rounds, Sumit suggested that we go Kayaking! I was surprised to find it as one of the sports available in that place, it being one of the not-so-regular activities found in India. Akash didn’t wish to take part, so it was just Sumit and me who ended up sitting in a 2-seater narrow and long kayak made of wood most likely. We “set sail” and went all around the water body for a duration of 30 minutes. It was probably the most funhat day with us rocking against the waves yet making our way through with the paddles. We did get the hang of it by the end!


After this particular experience, we did not stay for much longer because it was nearing sun-down. So instead we went bowling at City Centre 2, which is also closeby to Eco Park.

On the whole, I had an awesome day with some new friends I made recently 🙂


Mr. Moon- a poem


The moon shines bright

In the dark of the night

Beckoning it’s beholders to dream

Of lovely days in purple haze

Sitting and wondering

What is it that life’s worth?

“Look at my craters”, says Mr. Moon

They run wide and deep

And so shall you be filled with them

And the rewards of life you shall reap.

Oh tell me, Moon-y

What is it like, to shine in the light of another?

“you let them shine”, says he to me

Till you find your own kind of lover.