Watching Marvel’s Jessica Jones

It’s really interesting and fortunate that I happened to fall upon watching this particular tv series, thanks to the suggestion of my close cousin sister. In many ways, I really feel like the show was made just for me. For me to watch, I mean.

Firstly, I happen to resemble Jessica’s character a lot. I myself feel like her..she’s so unique, feels the pain, dresses up like a super biker chic and even has a clear conscience, a heart of gold. Why I say this is because she cares for other people and their ultimate well being…even though she feels pretty screwed up within herself. What i’m trying to basically get at here is that she’s fantastic. A fantastic person…as a character and as a role model entirely. And i’m not kidding about it at all. I would actually consider myself to be a follower of hers and go so far as to say that i’m a little bit in love with her.

Jessica, you’re amazing. Peace.


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