Just how awesome is Parks and Recreation?

I recently started watching this American sitcom called Parks and Recreation which has managed to position itself into the list of top comedy series that I have ever watched! There are so many aspects to this particular programme that can’t help me from literally swinging from side to side in laughter and stimulate teary eyed reactions. Thus far, in my almost three years of college I have been watching way more serious, niche and even bordering on disturbing Tv shows as well as movies such as Breaking Bad and True Detective, but come Parks and Rec, it is a refreshing and welcoming change from all that darkness. Sure, those dark themes taught me about the various ways in which people think and how the criminal world operates, but this particular comedy-satire has blown my mind away! Be it the simple but very interesting array of characters, or the subtle humour of each dialogue, not to mention a slight mockery of the ways and means of ordinary Americans in a small residential town called Pawnee, almost everything works for me in the right way for this programme.

Just when I am terribly bored of the usual reality and huge load of studies, I think of taking a break to watch another episode of the show and just find myself in splits, feeling energized and refreshed again. I totally am grateful to few of my friends, two in particular, who suggested this amazing watch to me..truly, my faith in presence of like-minded and perfectly humorous people is restored. *feeling-at peace.*

Parks and rec!



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