Happy thoughts

So, realization dawned upon me that i’d rather not dwell in a world of gloom and despair that comes with being a regular college student. Perhaps, in the last three years, for better or worse I had been taking myself and everything around me too seriously, but now at the close of my Bachelor’s degree in Microbiology from the prestigious St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata, I feel lighter and more at peace with myself having gone through all the sessions of rigorous classes and syllabus completion.

Probably, at the end of it, i do realize that it is all part of my training for a more disciplined and knowledgable me, plus a major learning about people who are slightly different from me, coming from backgrounds and places that were hitherto unheard of by me; hailing from an uptown and modern metropolitan city like Noida. Not to mention, the warmth and hand of friendship that nearly all of my classmates extended out to me towards the end of our last two semesters, and we had almost become one unit working together to complete all the lab work and also get the required notes on time. I shall probably write a more detailed account of what Xavier’s college has taught me in terms of personality development and academic knowledge, but I will save that for a later post, as I must return to preparation for the final semester exams.

Until then, this is dbc95 signing off!


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