First post. I’ll keep it short.

Hey there y’all. Or maybe just me. Yes, I finally gave in to the fact that I need to keep a written record of the interesting things that go on in my apparently “short” life, albeit a virtual one. So there..Wordpress to my rescue!

Today was a momentous day, as we had a housewarming ‘puja’ at our second floor apartment, a traditional ceremony to mark the successful completion (well almost), of our own house here in Kolkata. We all agree that it was a year delayed, as we were supposed to move in by the end of 2014. But you know what they say about builders. SLOW is an understatement to describe their pace of work, and the fact that the whole thing stalled in the middle due to a problem within their company.

Anyhow, I feel a bit happy and positive about the whole moving-in thing now…I’d say i’m pretty tired of living in a kind of ‘restricted’ and ‘incomplete’ manner downstairs in my grandma’s house. Exciting times lie ahead, hopefully.

Other than this, my fifth semester exams are going on. Boring, really boring as usual. I fail to understand why the authorities like to stretch it through the whole season, stopping us from breathing easy and feeling a bit free during the awesome weather here. But no. I have to go through this dragging period, at the end of which lies Christmas. *cakes, decorations, Santa Claus and what not*.

Well, bye-bye.. Until tomorrow for my next post.