The Earth needs to heal.

Have you ever given it a thought, why the Corona virus would choose to hit us exactly at this time of the century or millennium and not any other?

Why is it that 2020 happens to be the year that Mother Nature believed that it was time to teach us humans a silent lesson in conservation and preservation?

Yes, i do believe that this “pandemic” is anything but a random one. This virus has circulated itself around almost every corner of the world just to make us sit back in our homes and think over the mindless destruction of our one planet.

Of course, burning fossil fuels and using carbon based products may be a necessity now for some sectors of human life, but what about looking at the larger picture where we are polluting our precious air, water and green resources which won’t last forever too?

Maybe Mr. Corona, as we may personify him, has the intent of conveying just this to us. He seems to be saying, “You know guys, enough with your ‘i don’t care’ attitude. It is time you forget your social and political differences and come together as a single unit to fight me, and in the process realize that your fate depends on your unity!”

You can save the Earth, the only home you have, by taking small steps to ensure that you don’t cause any further damage than you already have.

All good practices begin at home and with YOURSELF. So, change your own mind first and then of those around you.

These small drops of good deeds will make up the ocean of safety and security for the generations to come!

Peace. 🙏


A new day beckons by the windowsil

A soft ray of yellow sunlight drops itself once more

Upon the cold marble surface

To remind me that the warmth of Mother nature, of the cosmos

Is still existent in my part of the world.

Corona may come, corona may go


The love and a pinch of flickering hope

Shall continue to keep me going

For the remaining days to come. 😊


I sit by the window,
The sun goes down
The faint light of day
Giving way to the deep dark night.

I silently float
Into the realm of my imagination
The untapped chasms of my mind
Stir up a flurry of emotions
Images from the distant past
A decade gone by.

Days give way to months
And the months to years.
Each holds it’s basket of memories
Experiences to be held close to the heart.

My sub-conscious
Often pushes itself
To the forefront of my mind.
Revealing the box of wonders
That the dormant space in my mind
Wishes to make a reality.

But alas! There we go again
On and on through the rigour of a regular day
And those hidden treasures at the back of my mind
Never get to see the light of day.

One such vision
Is manifesting itself to me right now
As I put words to this paper
And wish for a lovelier tomorrow.

30th June, 2019

© Devangana Bose

ভাবছি কি

বসেছি ভাবতে

কি হবে কালকে

আসছি যাচ্ছি

বেঁচে কি আছি?

আরো কত ছুটব?

থামতে হবে তো স্টেশন এ

কত দূর গিয়ে বুঝবো যে আসলে কিছুই ঠিক নেই…

কখনো ছিল কি?

এই প্রশ্নের উত্তর কে দেবে আমায়

বাঁচাও, আমায় বাঁচাও।


It’s all about that one never-ending loop that we’re stuck in, is it not?

Watching one of the latest series to hit Netflix- ‘Russian Doll’ has only reinforced the ideas that constantly play in my head regarding multiple realities and resurrections in our limited (or unlimited?) existence..

What if that one moment in my life is waiting to show itself when I will constantly return to the same point to re-live it, but with a different outcome every time?

What does all of this mean really? Is there a real purpose for doing what we do or is it just a mix of random moments?

The ‘mantra’ that I follow is to live the current moment to its fullest, but is that what is feasible or most appropriate?

Well, I’m hoping to find the answers to my questions on some “day”, in one “reality” or the other!


Today I feel like a revelation happened to me.

For a couple of years now, i have just been running, making my way through the tide of societal obligations. So much so that now I feel quite breathless.

I didn’t pause, thinking that I would “miss the next bus”, and hence I never stopped to think twice about what I really felt or needed to give me some real mental peace.

Truth is, i really do think that various situations and circumstances have bombarded their weight on me. I was scared. Somehow i thought that not doing things in order for once, would upset everything for me…

But you know what? That silence, that nothingness, is exactly what I need to re-cooperate myself. I have been doing too much in too little a time.

It’s time that I told myself, Poorna, slow down. Breathe in that fresh air that your lungs have been craving for a while, and give yourself time. Time to really figure. What do I need right now? What would make me feel okay again…


Response time

It was of paramount importance

Joe considered.

The command had been placed well in time

But now it was absolutely essential

To obtain a response…

A lockdown would initiate soon, however

With the system having one of its “mood swings”

But at such a critical juncture

How could She afford this luxury?

Of acting like a fifteen year old girl

Battling Her inner conflicts and doubts

Knowing not, which way to go.

Is it really such a time in civilization, Joe wondered

When the weight of emotions that the system feels

Is heavier than those of us mere beings?

Just contemplating.

Every now and then,

I do contemplate.

I sit and wonder

Go over all of it

Every little detail, aspect

Of my insignificant, yet significant

Little piece of life

A solitary being of no consequence

In this vast, vast universe

Am I actually just a grain of sand?

Or do I really possess the power to move a mountain?

Leaving my footprint etched for newer generations

To carry on the legacy of the old

Indeed, it is a strange, strange new world.


#sundaymusings #muchphilosophical #justmethinking


It’s been raining incessantly since afternoon. Watching a Korean romantic drama film, I fell asleep on my bed, losing myself in an entirely different world. I don’t think I remember what it is that I saw, but it made me feel calm and peaceful. At the close of the day, towards the evening, I noticed the steady drops pouring down outside my window, accompanied by quick and sudden flashes of lightning. Within a matter of half an hour or so, darkness fell and I realized it was time to get up and go about some other tasks.

I still needed to finish watching the movie. I had reached about the mid point of the story, and was unaware of the turn that the tale was going to take. It started out as a happy couple meeting each other, marrying and facing marital obligations but then it took a turn that made it much more poignant and touching. Just before I restarted with the film, I was informed that my grandma was feeling unwell and unusually low. I saw that my parents had already gone downstairs to check on her, and I followed.

Went down, and sure enough, I saw her in her usual stooped stature, unable to find her way to the bathroom and constant complaints about legs shaking and aching. My mother was helping her in doing so, but that is when I realized yet again how helpless we are as laymen, not knowing a cure for such degenerative disorders. Moreover, a symptom of the disease Parkinson’s is severe depression, something which I notice every day in dida. Yet, there is hardly anything I can do, apart from occasionally spending time with her, cheering her up in whichever way possible. I have been thinking of restarting the habit of reading out fictional books to her at night and also solving the Crossword puzzle in the newspaper by reading out the clues to her, a hobby she practiced till just before losing her vision. Whatever it is, I must find a way to justify this terrible act of the Almighty upon the life of such a good-hearted and jovial person…